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  So You Want to Open a Restaurant, Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6
      Chris Tripoli

 Daily Line Checks & Preshift Meetings
      Chris Tripoli

 How to Manage Your Restaurant by Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Numbers to Stay on Top of
    Your Business

      Chris Tripoli

 Management Bonus Plans That Work
      Chris Tripoli

 How to Manage Your Restaurant's Critical Numbers and Avoid Financial Loose Ends
      Chris Tripoli and Jim Laube

 How to Turn Good Managers into Great Leaders
      Jay Goldstein and Chris Tripoli

 Restaurateur Heal Thyself - A Guide to Assessing Your Restaurant's Operation
      Chris Tripoli

 How to Manage the Lifecycle of Your Restaurant
      Chris Tripoli

 Managing the Restaurant Opening Process: Why You Can’t Afford to Lose Control & How to Do It
      Chris Tripoli

 Weekly Planning: Big Plans Require Small Steps
      Chris Tripoli

 Don't be a Seagull, & Other Tips to Help Independent Restaurant Owners Deal with Growing Pains
      Jim Laube, Jay Goldstein and Chris Tripoli

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